Fun Activities in Nairobi: 10 Top Things

What are the top fun activities in Nairobi Kenya?

Usually, we would say; take your pick. There are hundreds of things to do in Nairobi, Kenya Nairobi. But here, we will just look at the top 10.

Nairobi is this city that is set almost bang in the center of the country. Plus, it offers something for all people. If nature is your thing, there is plenty of that.

If you are a nocturnal animal, there are many nightlife spots in this city. If you are the laid-back kind of city dweller, there are awesome urban tourist centers.

Fun Activities In Nairobi

The fun activities to do in Nairobi depend on many things. For instance a couple looking for romantic places in Nairobi would enjoy the city differently from a family with kids.

Here are some usual and unusual things to do in Nairobi, Kenya:

Nairobi Safari Walk

The Nairobi Safari Walk is about 7KM from the CBD. It offers you a glimpse of Kenya’s wild animals under one roof.

From zebras, rhino to the cats, this conservation-based facility offers you a good sighting to what the Kenyan wild would offer.

The proximity of this facility to the city makes it convenient for people who just have a few days to spend in the country. It is also very good for families with kids.

Nairobi National Museum and Snake Park

They stand side by side, so why not visit both of them on the same day? Besides, both facilities are located within walking distance of the Nairobi CBD.

Image of unusual things to do in nairobi national museum

Your children will have a great time here. In the museum, you can learn about the country’s heritage and history.

In the Snake Park, you will see different types of reptiles found in Kenya with a large part of them being snakes.

Kitengela Hot Glass Studio

This is one of the most fun places in Nairobi. It is fairly far from the hustle and bustle of the city. You will see how glass items are made and you might even order custom glass artifacts to take home with you.

You will find Kitengela Glass and Kitengela Hot Glass running on the same grounds. These are two different entities, but they stand side by side.

You will also get to walk on the famous Kitengela Glass scary bridge, not for the fainthearted but hey – this is Nairobi.

Karura Forest Walk – Things to do in Nairobi on a budget

For a nature lover, the best spots to go for a hike in Nairobi city include the Karura Forest Walk.

How long is the Karura Forest Trail? It is approximately 3.1 miles long. With an easy to moderate hiking difficulty, you can even bring your kids with you. There are other trails too, so you are not limited to just this one.

For a very affordable fee, you can hike, jog, run, bird-watch or just go have fun in the picnic area. Even alcohol is allowed in the picnic area, so be sure to bring a few cans of the popular Tusker beer.

If Karura seems a bit far for you (it is about 20 minutes drive from CBD), you might want to take an easy stroll in Uhuru Park.

Eat meat at the Carnivore Restaurant

Different types of meats are cooked over open fires and you can eat your heart out, for an affordable amount of money.

Lamb, crocodile, beef, ostrich, pork, beef and chicken are a few of the many varieties offered here. You eat the meat straight from the fire. If you have the heart, you might even try a bite of the ox balls!

Image of things to do in nairobi on a budget

While at it, you must try the dawa cocktail drink that is made of different herbs and then sweetened with honey. It is incredible for boosting immunity.

The Carnivore is where things happen. We would propose that you try it too for a taste of nightlife. You can even catch an event there, if you are lucky.

Fogo Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse

When did you last eat grilled pineapple? Well, the Fogo Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse located at Westlands offers you this opportunity.

You must try their mixed plate that comes with tilapia, chicken, beef, lamb, fried bananas, French fries, different salads and sauces.

The atmosphere is different from that of the Carnivore Restaurant, you know, a bit more laid back. If you are a chilled sort of person, this is the place to eat your meat. It is also quite affordable.

The Giraffe Center

For an affordable fee that will be put to a good use preserving the Rothschild’s Giraffe for the future, you can visit this awesome place that is located less than 20 minutes’ drive away from the CBD.

Enjoy feeding these gentle, tall animals straight from your hand, of course, under the supervision of the guides.

Karen Blixen Museum – for fun things to do in Nairobi

If you have watched the movie Out of Africa or read the book by the same name, well, you might want to see the Karen Blixen Museum. Luckily, it is a few minutes of driving from the CBD.

Image of top things to do in Nairobi

Dating more than a century ago, the Museum’s architecture and engineering is a marvel from the past. Today, the rooms have been restored to recreate the kind of ambience that Karen and her husband Baron Bror Blixen-Finecke would enjoy.

 Safari Cat Dancers – Unusual things to do in Nairobi

Why do the regular things when you can enjoy some unusual things to do in Nairobi such as watching the Safari Cat Dancers, at Safari Park Hotel & Casino?

This establishment is also one of the renowned local nyama choma joints. Therefore, you can have your heart’s fill of local meat delicacies with assorted accompaniment. But the dancers are the real deal.

One Off Art Gallery

You know people by their food and … their art. The One Off Art Gallery located at Rosslyn Estate, a short drive from the CBD.

Sure, it is a small place, but if the perfect mix of nature and art does not knock you off your feet, nothing ever will.

See art displays from some of Kenya’s and East Africa’s best artists.


Well, that is the list of top fun things activities in Nairobi. Of course, there are many others but these ones are accessible, incredibly enjoyable and fun.

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