Unique Places To Visit In Nairobi

What are some of the most fantastic, hidden gems in Nairobi?

These are unusual things to do in Nairobi, you know, things that are not the run-of-the-mill kind. You know there is more to Nairobi than Uhuru Park, The Nairobi National Park, Museum and The Carnivore.

If you care to dig just a little deeper, you will be amazed at the many unusual fun spots that we have in the capital city of Kenya.

Keep reading to see what these adventurous places in Nairobi have to offer.

Hidden Gems in Nairobi – Fun Things To Do and See

So, what are the special things that you can do, that are in the CBD or in the environs of this city?

1. Hike the Oloolua Nature Trail – 5KM

This nature trail is fantastic. It is tucked away in Karen, in the same place that hosts the Primate Research Center.

This is a quiet, peaceful hiking trail. It has a lot of shade, a waterfall and a cave. You should probably go there on a weekday if you need some quiet and peace.

Nairobians have taken to hiking quite a lot so this trail can be quite jammed during the weekend. Also, because of the moderately easy difficulty rating, it is a favorite for families with kids.

You might also see some wildlife such as vervet monkeys and dik dik. You will pay a small fee at the gate, KSH200 for adults and KSH100 for children.

2. Fine Dine at The Lord Erroll

Image of best places to visit in nairobi for couplesFine dining experiences in Nairobi do not come any better than you get at The Lord Erroll.

This gem of a restaurant is located within 20 to 25 minutes drive away from the CBD, at Runda, Ruaka Road.

This joint has a theme of the early 1900s. The staff is incredible and the food is world class. The prices are a bit high, but this is a hidden gem in Nairobi.

You can take your partner there once a couple of months, just to show them how much they mean to you.

3. The Mamba Village

Image of adventurous places in nairobiMany sources list the Mamba Village as one of the unusual things to do in Nairobi, and we agree, completely.

Located on Langata South Road, the Mamba Village is a tranquil home for crocodiles, turtles and ostriches.

But after the onset of the pandemic, the place seems a bit neglected but we hope they shall restore it soon.

This is also one of the best-hidden places in Nairobi to take your kids. The entry fee is so affordable since it used to be KSH280 per adult.

4. Flutter like a butterfly at The Butterfly Farm

This is one of the best places to visit in Nairobi for couples. The farm is located in Karen and it is home to more than 1000 species of butterflies. If you visit, you will be reminded just how happy life can be.

The guided tours inside the farm are quite educational. Your children can learn so much about these wonderful and colorful insects. Also, these flying beauties are also further accentuated by the stunning flowers.

This is one of the adventurous places in Nairobi. You must see it!

5. Top of the world at KICC – Fun place in Nairobi

The kind of fun that you can have on the 27th floor of the Kenyatta International Conference Centre is for people that love to stargaze and watch the sun sink down the western horizon.

You will get the best bird’s eye view of Nairobi in all her glory. Only when you are on the rooftop do you realize just how big Nairobi is.

6. The Maasai Ostrich Farm

The Maasai ostrich farm is located several kilometers from the CBD. It is one of the big attractions in Nairobi.

You can ride an ostrich – yes, you read that right, ride! How often do you get such an opportunity? You can also enjoy grilled ostrich meat, eggs as well as burgers.

This is something that most Nairobians do not do. Thus, taking your family there one weekend morning will show you just what a gem it is.

7. Sample Ethiopian Food

Image of what to eat in NairobiWell, if you haven’t sampled Ethiopian Cuisine, it is not too late. If you are around the Hurlingham Area, you might want to pop into the Habesha Restaurant.

Once you eat a serving of the spicy Ethiopian cuisine, you will realize what you have been missing.

You will realize just how bland Kenyan food can be. Don’t forget to drink their coffee. It is incredibly sweet and hot, served in tiny cups.

8. The Panari Ice Skating Rink

Who says there is no snow in Nairobi? Clearly, they have not been to the Panari Ice Skating Rink. This rink is large and it can take up to 200 skaters at any given time. The temperatures are ambient for the ice.

They offer skating lessons for children as well as adults for a very affordable fee. Besides, this rink is open up to 10.00PM daily, but there could be changes because of the pandemic.

If you have kids, they will love this hidden gem in Nairobi. Remember, this is the only ice skating rink of its kind in East and Central Africa.

9. Pottery skills at the Nairobi Art Centre

In this center, they offer art classes for children as well as adults. Here, you can practice pottery skills and the good thing is that you can take the art pieces that you make home.

This is another hidden gem that you don’t see on social media too much, but you can have some incredible productive fun here.

It is located at Intrade Africa Place, in Lavington, Nairobi.

10. Nairobi Elephant Orphanage

Image of unique places to visit in Nairobi

You can have fun with baby elephants at the Sheldrick Wildlife Centre that adopts orphaned baby elephants, nurtures them and releases them back to the wild.

This center also adopts other animals such as baby rhinos that are left too young to survive alone.

Because of the amazing job they do, your money will go to a good cause. There are also different ways to support their programs including adopting a baby elephant or rhino for an affordable amount of money per year.

This is a good place to get your kids started on conservation knowledge.

Wrapping Up

Those ten are our super hidden gems in Nairobi for families with or without kids. If you have been looking for unusual things to do in Nairobi, Kenya, these ought to make the cut for you.

Do you think there is an unusual adventure spot in Nairobi that we have left out? Tell us in the comments.

Have fun in the City in The Sun!

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