How Much Does KICC Rooftop Cost To Climb?

Nairobi has some cool spots and the 28-story/105-meter high KICC is one such place. On a lazy Sunday morning when the crowds are thinner, take the kids to the rooftop and have the best bird’s eye view of the city of Nairobi.

What is the KICC rooftop entrance fee? It is KSH200/= for adults and KSH50 for kids above 5 years. It is open from 8.00AM to 5.00PM daily. Foreigners will pay about $5 for grownups and $2 for kids.

But first, I am sure you would love to know some information about this building. Keep reading!

Is KICC the tallest building in Kenya?

KICC is not the tallest building in Nairobi. It is at a distant number 10 in the list of the tallest buildings in Nairobi.

The Britam Tower owned by the British American Investments Company is 200 meters high, TelePosta Towers is 120 meters, Times Tower is 200 meters and there are more. While KICC is a 26-story building, the Britam Tower has 32 usable floors.

To get to the KICC rooftop, take the lift, well, unless you feel game enough to take the stairs.

You will ride the lift to the 26th floor, and then take the stairs to the 28th floor. This is the last floor. You will then take a narrow set of stairs that lead to the helipad, at the very top.

Because of its cylindrical nature, the building that was formerly called Kenyatta International Conference Centre, now Kenyatta International Convention Centre, really stands out from most of the buildings in the city.

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Only the Nation Centre and the Hilton Hotel (both within walking distance) are cylindrical in design.

How is the KICC Rooftop experience?

It is thrilling! Well, unless you have vertigo, in which case you shouldn’t be climbing to such heights anyway.

All around you is the City of Nairobi, spread out in her full glory. You can also see the new, yet to be opened Express Way snaking its way through the middle of the City.

To the northeastern direction is Eastleigh and its environs and to the west is the glorious Westlands, replenished in so much greenery you are left wondering whether it is still in Nairobi.

The rooftop is cold and windy!

That is right. You are so high above the buildings that would block the wind. It hits you right in the face. And the wind is cold. Don’t let that worry you though because the experience is totally worth it.

Image of KICC Rooftop helipad
KICC Rooftop Helipad – Times Tower and CBK Pension building tips in the background

I suggest you go during the morning hours, say, not later than 12.00PM since the crowds start to grow after that. The rooftop is not very big, so if you want space to soak in the splendor of the city, go in the morning.

Also, the KICC grounds are usually hired out for one event or another. It can get really crowded.

How to get to the KICC

We walked in, but there is ample parking space inside so you can go in with your car. Most people prefer to park theirs in other places and walk to the grounds.

What is near the KICC?

One of my fun things to do is to watch people going about their business. On Sunday, there aren’t that many people.

The National Parliament and Senate are close by, to your left, although they seem diminutive in size. Jomo Kenyatta’s (first president of Kenya) mausoleum is on the grounds too as is his statue.

The statue is supposed to be awash with jets of water from the fountain, but in January 2022, there was not a drop of water anywhere close.

image of kicc rooftop opening hours

You can take photos with Nairobi’s skyline in the background. You will catch some excellent shots.

How far can you see from the KICC?

On a clear sunny day, I would say as far as 20KM away in every direction. Actually, you can see as far as Ngong Hills.

When you are done having fun on the KICC rooftop, perhaps you can venture out to Uhuru Park for a hike on the easy trails.

If you bring the kids along, they can have fun on the bouncing castles as well as take a boat ride in the small lake.

To be honest, it is a bit hard to tell the directions the first time, unless you take your time. You can see the Eastleigh Air Force Base and field, Lang’ata and Nairobi West, Kiambu and other places.

Just forget about the environs and enjoy the views.

Any complaints?

A few. First, when we arrived at the reception, after a thorough security clearance, the receptionist was not at his station, so we had to wait for him. However, we did learn later that he had taken some guests to the top.

They don’t take cash payments as a safety measure against COVID-19, so you had better keep some money in your MPESA account. I don’t know about credit card payments because there is no sign showing they accept them.

The rooftop is empty, no greeting/welcome and certainly no seating, restaurant or anything. There are a few CCTV cameras so you can be sure someone is watching.

Also, security guards (drawn from the National Youth Service) pop up from time to time to ensure everything is running well.

The mask policy is quite relaxed. Some guards were not wearing masks. Also, it seems as if everyone just takes off their mask as soon as they get to the helipad.

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Final thoughts: Is the KICC Rooftop entrance fee worth it?

At almost 700KM², Nairobi is big. Therefore, it is hard to see the entire city in one day. If you are on a stopover in Nairobi, this rooftop experience will help you catch some of the city since it offers a 360-degree view.

I would say it is a good experience. On a scale of ten with ten being the best, I would rate it 6.5.

Have you been on the KICC rooftop? How would you rate it? Tell me in the comments section.

NB – All the images are mine. Excuse my poor camera, but a bird in hand is worth two in the bush, right?

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