What Is Happening At Uhuru Park Now? 4 Things To Do

Measuring almost 13 hectares, Uhuru Park recreational park is located within walking distance of the Central Business District (CBD) of Nairobi City, the capital city of Kenya.

If it is your first time in Nairobi, you might ask: what is happening at Uhuru Park now?

Well, it depends on a few things such as the time of the day, the season and the day of the week.

But the good thing is that no matter what day of the week you visit Uhuru Park, there will always be something to do.

However, it is mostly during the public holidays (national and international), Saturdays and Sundays that this recreational park in the middle of Nairobi turns into a beehive of activities.

Families throng the park, bringing their kids to play on the bouncing castles, ride camels, horses and boats in the small lake in the park.

What to do in Uhuru Park

First, entrance is FREE!

You can do several things in Uhuru Park in Nairobi. Here are a few of them:

Walk. Just Walk

It is a recreational park, so yes, you can walk. Many paved and unpaved paths criss-cross this park. So, getting on a pair of sandals or hiking shoes is advisable and then hit the trails stretching from one end to the other.

Image of Uhuru Park Monument

You will find vendors in the park selling ice cream, cakes, soda, candy, biscuits and other simple eats. You can buy a few to promote local trade and to re-energize to walk longer.

There are some inclines, so the hike can be tough. But for most parts, the park trails are easy-to-moderate in difficulty. Thus, you can bring three to four year-olds along and they will have fun.

During the weekends, the park might be crowded and noisy in some places. Also, you might not see many foreigners, but that is not because it is not safe.

In fact, inside the park is one of the safest spots in the city. There are police walking patrols all the time.

Ride a boat

If you do not feel like walking, you can ride a boat. This is going to cost you about $3 (KSH300) for half-an-hour.

It is best to ride a boat during a weekday when there are not many people on the small lake. Some of these small boats can pack up to four people, and they are manually propelled.

It is important to visit the park anywhere between eight in the morning and six in the evening. By six in the evening, there are no boat rides and if you want your kids to play in the bouncies, you will find them already deflated.

Preferably, do not let the darkness find you in the park.

Take photos

Yes, take photos to share on social media with friends. The grass is lush, the trees beautiful and there are great features such as bridges, lake, monuments and others.

Image of what to do in Uhuru Park

But the best thing about this park is that if you climb towards the direction of Milimani, you will catch the most incredible, photogenic view of the city’s skyline.

Next to the park is the busy Uhuru Highway. You might also be able to catch a bird or two in your photos. There are not that many birds to warrant you bringing a pair of binoculars but hey, it is still a nice park.

The Uhuru Park Fountain and the Uhuru Monument are some of the features that make stunning photo backgrounds.

Catch religious gatherings and political rallies

When there was no COVID-19, this recreation park was booked for religious gatherings and political rallies for almost every weekend.

Then, it would be noisy and really packed, which is something that you would like to avoid. Remember, in such gatherings, there would be pickpockets, thugs and street children.

Unless charged crowds are your kind of thing, it is better to avoid Uhuru Park at such times. It is more enjoyable when there is space, serenity and calm.

After all, this Nairobi Park is an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. So why should you have to sit through another hysterical political gathering in the park?

Image of Nairobi Skyline
Nairobi Skyline as seen from Uhuru Park


What is happening at Uhuru Park now?

Now you know! Just bring your water, or, if you don’t mind, buy some from the vendors in the park. It is best to carry your own water from trusted brands, or pack yours from home, and treat it.

Nairobi is a “fairly” safe city, but it has some security concerns. Thus, while in the park, stay aware of your surroundings.

Be wary of strangers and most importantly, keep the daytime hours.

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